About Us

AT Performance was started in 2010, when Adam identified a gap in the market for affordable, high quality, custom fit catch cans. It began as a passion project, helping mates on weekends, hanging out at the local race track, or chatting over popped bonnets at car meets. The problem was that standard off-shelf catch cans were too small to satisfy CAMs regulations, were not baffled so they did not promote oil-air separation, and they weren’t designed to fit specific vehicles, so there was always bracketing issues or compromising fitment location.

The goal was to utilise an empty space in the engine bay, and unused factory bolt holes, so you can avoid cutting, drilling or welding your pride and joy. In the early days, Adam designed the tanks and catch cans using masking tape and cardboard (usually a Heineken beer carton), traced it onto a sheet of aluminium, cut out the panels using a band saw, and welded them together. Now, all products are designed using CAD, and the panels are CNC cut and folded, but Adam still hand assembles, precision welds, quality inspects and ships out every single order himself.

We’re all about exceptionally high quality products and customer service, at an affordable price.

We love a challenge, and a chat, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a project in mind, please contact us today.

Want to learn more about me and ATP? Check out my VLOG here.

Adam Taylor