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Weekly BLOG and Product Progress – Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Shop update.

Week 16 (2020) has been a super busy week here at ATP, with the whole COVID-19 situation going on outside, I have been here in the shop chipping away, making catch cans.
This week has seen the completion of some custom jobs including a gearbox catch can, a custom S13 coil pack cover with some neat looking countersunk bolts (more on this later) and you may be aware that I take custom requests, even on my own products, I have just begun three R33 catch cans that are requested in raw finish. Raw finish is treated as custom since I cut all the parts in house on my CNC router to ensure there are no scratches or mishaps, this we can’t guarantee with outsourced laser cut parts unfortunately.  

Week 16 also saw a visit to the fine gentlemen up at Otaku Garage to drop off the long awaited R34 catch can combo sample tank for test fitting. We are hoping to have it fitted and finalised this week and get ready to start taking pre-orders soon for the first ever production run!

Thank you all so much for your support, I truly appreciate it.


Product update.

Keep up to date with ATP’s small batch production. Here is where you can see the status of products as they go through the manufacturing process and see how long before backorders are expected.

Estimated time to completion
8-6 Weeks = Laser Cutting
6-4 Weeks = Metal Forming
5-3 Weeks = Welding
3-2 Weeks = Brackets & Prep
2-1 Weeks = Powder Coating
<1 Week = Assembly and Packaging
0 Weeks = In Stock

S13 Catch Can – (4) Metal Forming
S14 Catch Can – (5) Laser Cutting

R32 Catch Can – (2) Welding (10) Laser Cutting
R33 Catch Can – In Stock (5) Metal Forming
R34 Catch Can – NEW PRODUCT ‘Pre production’ no current ETA

EVO 456 Catch Can – In Stock (Limited) (5) Laser Cutting
EVO 789 Catch Can – In Stock (5) Laser Cutting
EVO 456 Air Box – Powder Coat
EVO 7 Air Box – Powder Coat