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2018 – The year of giving back!

Well Friends, 2018 has well and truly kicked off and we have already hit the ground running!

We had such a big year in 2017 – moving the shop across the country and changing our product offering to better reflect my brand. When I think about 2018, I think – how do I even begin to top that?

Fortunately, I am big on development and always seek out a good challenge. This means I’m never short of a fresh idea 🙂

Wrapping up week two of 2018, and I have already made some website updates, began to roll out my new minimalist logo, began production on some 2018 revised products and somewhere in there I even renovated the workshop with a nice new layout and some new equipment.

Personally, I want 2018 to be about giving back to the community that essentually made me. Not a day goes by that I don’t consider how grateful I am to be able to create parts and bring ideas to life everyday and it’s all thanks to you. I am going to start rolling out a range of gifts with every website purchase. If you’ve bought from me before you know there is always a Chupa Chup in the package somewhere – but it’s time to give a little more back (stay tuned). I am also going to be donating $5 to Brake ( on behalf of every customer that spends over $200. Brake is a driver training charity that attends high schools to inform and teach the next generation of automotive enthusiasts to respect their cars and drive safely on our roads; information that I am very passionate about and, with the help of you, excited to support.

I would love to know what you would like to see from AT Performance in 2018 and also let me know something that you would like to achieve in this new year.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Now, let’s go make something!