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Weekly BLOG and Product Progress– Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Shop update.
Week 17 (2020) in the workshop has been very eventful, I have the little CNC router running nonstop making parts while waiting for outsourced laser cut parts to be completed. It’s messy and loud but I’m doing all I can to get products back on the shelves.

There are also some delays and border closures for international shipping and not to mention getting parts in from overseas also has it’s challenges too. Exploration of small Australian manufactures has begun to assist with some of the parts I use frequently like AN fittings and filter media. The whole COVID-19 situation has made me remember a time five or 6 years ago when ATP would exclusively support small Australian businesses and I believe it’s important to put this idea back to the forefront of small batch manufacturing, now and in the future.

Thank you all so much for your support, I truly appreciate it.


Product update.
Keep up to date with ATP’s small batch production. Here is where you can see the status of products as they go through the manufacturing process and see how long before backorders are expected.

Estimated time to completion
8-6 Weeks = Laser Cutting
6-4 Weeks = Metal Forming
5-3 Weeks = Welding
3-2 Weeks = Brackets & Prep
2-1 Weeks = Powder Coating
<1 Week = Assembly and Packaging
0 Weeks = In Stock

S13 Catch Can – (4) Welding (5) Laser cutting
S14 Catch Can – (5) Metal Forming

R32 Catch Can – (2) Welding (10) Laser Cutting
R33 Catch Can – (5) Welding
R34 Catch Can – NEW PRODUCT ‘Pre production’ no current ETAMitsubishi
EVO 456 Catch Can – (5) Metal Forming
EVO 789 Catch Can – In Stock (5) Laser Cutting
EVO 456 Air Box – Assembly and Packaging
EVO 7 Air Box – Assembly and Packaging